Who We Are?

AZ Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. endeavors to provide the consumers quality products. AZ Pahrmaceutical Co. Ltd. is growing and dynamic organization evolving rapidly with the ever changing competitive environment, globalization and emrgence of new markets. The company's committment to quality standards extends beyond the boundaries of manufacturing facility to encompass all aspects of the business from production to environment.

Our Mission

AZ Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. aspires to ensure the quality through the application of modern and up-to-date equipment and recruitment of skilled and professional employees.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of high quality intravenous infusion that ensures the patients recovering from the ailments for example dehydration. We are embodiment of strong culture and values.

How We Work?

AZ Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. manufactures high quality intravenous infusions under technical collaboration and know-how supplied by GETINGE AB Sweden. The company encourages diversity and aspires to hire individuals who can contribute to the company with their diverse experience, education and background. It has developed an effecient mechanism for reward and career growth and surveillancing quality of the products.